Saturday, August 28, 2010

Manitou Springs, Village

On the way back from ‘Garden of Gods’ we stopped for a while at the Manitou springs village which happens to be a small, neat, city of about five thousand population located on the out skirts of Colorado Springs at the foot of the mountain range.

Picturesque surroundings, one main road minus much traffic, small shops, cosy restaurants and small houses with the hills looming behind them make the city inviting and force you to stay for a while.

We had a very pleasant time enjoying the ‘Voted best’ ice cream sitting on the benches conveniently placed on the side path

and reluctantly got into the van. Datta was a bit uneasy about some noise in the braking system of the van and had decided to get it checked before we left for ‘Pikes Peak’ more than 14000 feet high, next morning.

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