Sunday, August 29, 2010

Pikes Peak

Pikes peak, at 14,115 feet is one of the 54 such ‘fourteeners’ present in the state of Colorado. It is about thirty seven miles from the Colorado Springs city, half of which is the climb on to the peak, quite steep. The trip should take about an hour by car but invariably it takes longer as the nature forces you to get down every now and then, look around and wish that you could remain there. The combination of blue sky and clear blue water, the green lower ranges and the snow capped higher ranges is irresistible.

I believe that the temperature at the top hovers around four degrees Celsius even during summer and the snow continues to cap the top of the range. White streaks of snow amongst the green algae covered ‘pink’ granite, called ‘pikes peak granite’ is another wonderful sight.

Melted snow flows down as streams and forms pleasant lakes in the depressions. A breath taking sight from the heights. The winding and climbing road provides different views as you climb, each one better than the other.

We reached the peak, got out of the van and moved around for a while, shivering in the cold.

once the mandatory round of the gift shop was done with, it was time to leave.

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